Central International Sourcing Product Private Label Program Central International Company (CIC) specializes in sourcing, importing & exporting foods, hides, skins and other durable goods around the world (ip host:) United States New York New York City 10116 | 03.05.2016 13:25:41

Central International offers canned and dry beans, spices, grains and seeds in retail, bulk and institutional sizes Beans Spices Grains Seeds Canned Dry Retail Bulk Institutional 31.01.2016 07:09:16 http://www.centralinternational.com/pages/Beans-Spice-Products.cfm

Meat Products. Central International Company sources all cuts and quantities of fresh and frozen chicken, beef, pork, lamb, and other premium meats from ... Meat Products - Central International Sourcing Product ... 31.01.2016 07:09:16 http://www.centralinternational.com/pages/Meat-Products.cfm

Non-food items available from Central International run the gamut from Food Handling and Safety items, Bathroom / Cleaning products, Automotive items and more Food Handling Safety Bathroom Automotive Non-Food Products 31.01.2016 07:09:16 http://www.centralinternational.com/pages/Non-Food-Products.cfm

A variety of dairy products are available from Central International, including milk powders, canned liquid milk and UTH, cheeses and butter, margarine and AMF Dairy Products 31.01.2016 07:09:16 http://www.centralinternational.com/pages/Dairy-Products.cfm

Central International offers fresh-caught, frozen and canned fish (tuna, mackerel, herring, salmon, salt fish) and shellfish (oysters, lobster, shrimp, clams) Seafood Fish Shellfish Fresh-Caught Frozen Salt Fish Canned 31.01.2016 07:09:15 http://www.centralinternational.com/pages/Seafood-Products.cfm

Salvage Items CIC Specialize In. Meat, Seafood Products & Food Items Distressed Inventories Cargo Losses Insurance Claims Refused Entry Parcels - Worldwide Salvage Items Discounted Cargo Insurance Losses Distressed 31.01.2016 07:09:15 http://www.centralinternational.com/pages/Salvage-Products.cfm